Chamber of Commerce Membership

We live in a unique community where we are greeted by name in local stores, where owners and staff go out of their way to meet your needs and to help you get just what you want.

On King Island services are delivered by people who have chosen to live here and enjoy the sense of community and the special spirit found here.

Local businesses face more and more challenges, online shopping and the beckoning of national and international retail hubs. It is for this reason that the newly formed King island Chamber of Commerce is urging you, where possible, to shop and buy locally.

Local businesses employ local people - people who have children who go to school; people who bring partners who work part time; people who have friends who come and visit.

Dollars spent locally support and maintain our community. They create jobs for our family and friends, and they build a community that's worth living in.

Support our Chamber of Commerce by becoming a member. Contact Michelle ph: 03 6462 1778 or