Employment Opportunities

There are always employment opportunities on King Island. The major employment sector is food processing, however many people are employed throughout the farming, fishing, kelp harvesting and tourism industries. The school, hospital, bank, and council offer professional and administrative prospects.

A number of workplaces on King Island offer the chance for a career path for people currently employed as unskilled labour.

The Australian Taxation Office allows a remote zone tax allowance, which offsets the extra cost of living in a remote area.

The major employers are King Island Dairy (cheese factory) and King Island Council.

King Island Dairy use the Skilled Group as an employment agency. Telephone 03 6433 2100.

King Island Council, can be contacted on 03 6462 9000.

Employment opportunities are often advertised in our local newspaper called The King Island Courier who can be contacted on 03 6462 1422.  There is also a Facebook page called King Island Community Noticeboard where job vacancies are advertised.

Job vacancies may also be advertised on our website - click here to search our job board >>

Some employers will also advertise on the following:

If you are searching for employment on King Island be sure to search in 2 different ways to ensure you capture all of the King Island opportunities:

  • use the postcode 7256 and the location Currie
  • Key word "King Island" and remove the postcode info.

Due to the increase in tourism numbers there are often vacancies for hospitality workers.

There are many opportunities available for 'self-starters' on King Island. Come up with an idea and speak to KIRDO about what resources there are available to help you make it happen.

You can also view current business opportunities for sale/lease on King Island.