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We want the best of both worlds, but we are used to having it on King Island: productive land and water in a beautiful natural environment; a small connected community, within 2 hours of a major city and a choice of several regional cities; a strong market and managed supply for our seafood; a choice of industries for livestock production- dairy or beef, sheep meat or wool; the choice of supplying product to local processors or sending livestock on the boat.

A place of over-employment, there is plenty of opportunity for our young people to find jobs, easy for them to come home for summer to recharge bank accounts and catch up with their old friends and family at the beach or races or at work. Many young people are finding it a good place to build a career and a good life. So we enjoy the advantage of our finely balanced economy, based on the premium King Island brand. Our fine King Island Dairy cheeses and quality graded grass-fed beef are well recognised through out Australia and in other places in the world.

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