Public internet access @ KIRDO

KIRDO is the home of the online access centre (OAC) for King Island. Supported by the Tasmanian Government, KIRDO has a room with 4 computers that have access to the internet and are available for people to use.

Access is free for people who hold a government concession card, or is $2 an hour for non concession card holders.  Our  online access centre has been re-configured to comply with the 1.5m physical distancing requirements and square metre rules. We have pump hand sanitiser stations at the front door, our reception and in each room. Furniture is cleaned and sanitised before and after use. 

You do not need to book computer or internet use, however it can get busy at times and if the room is full we cannot guarantee a spot.

If you need a computer or internet access for more than a couple of hours, we recommend booking ahead to ensure you have a spot. Payment for internet use and printing is cash only on the day of use.

You can also take advantage of our on site printing, laminating and binding services. We look forward to welcoming you to our online access centre.


Contact: Evelyn Caro (KIRDO Coordinator)

Phone: 03 6462 1778


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