The King Island Dairy

Contact: The Cheese Store
Street: 839 North Road
Town: Loorana

Telephone: 03 6462 0947


Hours of Operation: Currently closed due to COVID19

Description: With a legacy spanning more than 100 years, King Island Dairy is Australia's premier specialty cheese and producer renown for supreme quality. King Island Dairy has developed an enviable reputation as a maker of some of the world's finest produce with a range including white, blue and cheddar cheeses. All King Island Dairy products are made exclusively at the factory on King Island with locally sourced milk.

King Island is one of the few areas in Australia and indeed the world, where cows graze all year round.  As a result, the cow's milk is highly desirable for cheese production and consequently the King Island Dairy is internationally recognised for its award winning, premium produce.  You can visit King Island Dairy's Cheese store to sample these wonderful cheeses in the tasting room.  Or enjoy a cheese platter over a glass of wine or craft beer.  As you travel around King Island, you will see the cows and pastures responsible for King Island Dairy's exceptional quality products.

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