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Our Committee

The Foundations to Flourish committee is a diverse group of King Islanders with a passion for supporting the well-being of King Island. Every one of them volunteers their time and expertise to support Foundations to Flourish in supporting the King Island community.


Committee Members:

Tara Clark

TARA CLARK - With a teaching background, Tara is a passionate advocate for the way that education can empower individuals. A born and bred King Islander, she moved back to King Island with her family after thirty-odd years of exploring other things. Tara’s top character strengths are Love, Kindness, and Humour. She lives on a beef cattle farm with her husband, Adam, and their two children.


LEADA BLACKIE is a 17-year-old grade 12 student. You may find her behind the coffee machine at the local bakery or on the netball court. She has a passion for learning and giving back to the community by doing all she can to make this beautiful island of ours the best it can be. Leada prides herself on possessing virtues of wisdom and humanity. When she graduates, Leada hopes to pursue a career in the Australian Defence Force and later as a secondary school humanities teacher.

Helen Thomas

HELEN THOMAS considers herself lucky to have made her home on King Island. While she sometimes finds it hard to be so far away from her family, the community and friends she has found on King Island goes a long way to making up for it. She has a diverse range of interests, from baking to budgets, and loves the fact that her job gives her the opportunity to make a positive difference in her adopted home. Her top character strengths are humour, curiosity and kindness and her favourite perfume is Contradiction, which really says everything you need to know about our token Brit.

Ian Allan

IAN ALLAN loves taking on a challenge and he’s forever looking for something new to do. He feels that one of his character strengths is perseverance which explains his passion for long distance running. Ian recently watched a TED talk “How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes”. He worked out that he likes to work with others to make things happen. This explains his frustration when things happen slowly but also his passion for getting involved in the community and making things happen.

Kate Mauric

KATE MAURIC is passionate about working alongside our Island community and looks for opportunities to support and build capacity to create a thriving society collaboratively. Some of her top strengths are Love, Social Intelligence, Fairness, and Wisdom. A returned Islander who enjoys all things sport/recreation, adventures, spending time with her family/friends, and travelling.


MURPHY SUMMERS has a love for events, organisation and echidnas. Murphy brings a different type of creativity to our committee with her ideas and enthusiasm to try new things.

Murphy lives on a hobby farm with her fisherman husband and their daughter.


RUTH MCFADZEAN's top character strengths include Love of Learning, Fairness, Forgiveness and Honesty. She is an avid volunteer in our community and we all benefit from her wisdom and experience. Ruth’s hobbies and passions include reading, gardening, woodworking and travelling.


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