Foundations 2 Flourish


Foundations to Flourish is a community wellbeing initiative. It is a strengths-based approach that focuses on developing skills, strategies and awareness to help the people of King Island to individually, and collectively, flourish.


We believe in making positive connections with the people in our community and empowering them, through Positive Psychology, to make a positive impact. Our workshops, events and initiatives are interactive and based on research of the science of Positive Psychology. Our objective is to collaborate with existing organisations to promote and further develop the interdependent nature of our community.


From humble beginnings in 2018, we are proud how open-minded the community has been in engaging with our educational and fun offerings. The interest in, and support of, Foundations to Flourish events has revealed a desire in people to become an active part of self and community development.



The Foundations to Flourish committee is a diverse group of King Islanders with a passion for supporting the wellbeing of King Island. Every one of them volunteers their time and expertise to support Foundations to Flourish in supporting the King Island community.



Foundations to Flourish has a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and a YouTube channel. You can connect with us via any of these or by simply sending us an email -

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