King Island Council

King Island Council

Our Vision: King Island – A place of opportunity, lifestyle and beauty.

Our Guiding Principles: The King Island Council will be known for its Visionary Thinking and Strategic Leadership. We are a Council with a shared vision who work with and for the local community. We work by the following principles:

  • Cohesive decision making – with the strength to review decisions
  • Valuing our independent views and recognising that healthy respectful debate can lead to better decisions
  • Being agile, flexible and professional in responding to emerging issues
  • Driving decisions through informed input and engagement with stakeholders
  • Communicating decisions in an open and transparent way
  • Being ‘one team’ and standing by group decisions

Our Values: These are the values that will guide our choice and behaviour as we seek to implement our vision for the following area:

  • Equity amongst all
  • Unity, we are in this together
  • Recognition, appreciation and acknowledgement
  • Communication and consultation
  • Our workplace environment – A great place to work

Our Objectives:

  • Governance & organisational development: provide high quality professional governance, advocacy and leadership together with effective administration of Council resources
  • Community wellbeing: create a sustainable, resilient and adaptable community; through utilizing community development strategies
  • Economic development: Achieve economic viability through facilitating economic development that supports appropriate and sustainable growth
  • Infrastructure & facilities: support our population and future growth through public infrastructure, services, land use and development strategies that create a connected, sustainable and accessible community
  • Tourism, marketing & events: sustainably: sustainably promote, develop and support the growth of King Island tourism
  • Natural environment: Our Island’s unique natural and built environment are sustainably respected and cared for.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm except on public holidays

03 6462 9000

10 George Street, Currie, King Island TAS 7256