King Island Shipping

King Island is currently serviced by Bass Island Line.

King Island Ports Corporation is the primary supplier of bulk fuel products to the Island and has supply contracts with Hydro Tasmania for diesel fuel requirements used for power generation on both King Island and Flinders Island.


Freighting your Car to King Island

To book Geelong (Victoria) to King Island you must contact Tas Cargo Services, 146 Wilson St Burnie 03 6432 2990. 

Delivery and Receival Depot, Geelong: Geelong Port, Corio Quay North, North Geelong 3215.  Open Mon- Fri 8am - 4pm for receival and delivery.  You must have two copies of your consignment note for the Port to receive your car.  Ring the security office 03 5247 0366 to organise dropping off your vehicle.


Freighting your Car from King Island

To book King Island to Melbourne contact Jim Mckenzie Agencies, 2 Shaw Street Currie 03 6462 1415. Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Delivery and Receival Depot, King Island: TasPorts, Grassy Harbour Rd, Grassy, King Island 7256.  Open Mon- Fri 8am - 3.30pm.  Telephone 03 6461 1155.

This ship is on a rolling schedule, therefore ship days and times are subject to change without notice.   All keys to the vehicle need to be supplied to enable Bass Island Line and Biosecurity access to your vehicle.  Payment must be made before the car is shipped.

Bass Strait Equalisation Scheme

The Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme is available if you are flying on a commercial airline between Melbourne and King Island or King Island to Melbourne. You must be flying on a commercial airline 14 days either side of when your car is shipped, and be able to provide airline ticket details. A rebate is available for each way and can be claimed each time your car travels from either Melbourne to King Island second rebate can be claimed when your car returns to the wharf it originally left from. The free return leg on tourist rate must be completed within 3 months from the first trip.  Business/Commercial cars do not qualify.  Cars must be registered at the time of travel. Contact Jim McKenzie Agencies- 2 Shaw street, Currie, King Island, Tasmania 7256 Phone 03 6462 1415 fax 03 6462 1620 or at

Quarantine Items

Tasmania has strict quarantine regulations to keep diseases and pests out.  You are NOT allowed to bring to King Island any fresh fruit, vegetables, plants or plant parts, cut flowers, anything carrying soil, or fish and fish products from anywhere other than mainland Tasmania. If you break these rules, you will be fined.

Please telephone Quarantine Tasmania on 03 6233 3352 for further information.