King Island Beef Group - December Producer

Greg & Arja Morris - Rocklyn

Harvest time! As well as running a successful beef property, Greg and Arja are one of the largest hay making contractors on the island.

So while their cattle spend December days knee deep in clover, and long balmy evenings laying around waterholes, chewing their cud, and politically incorrectly farting methane: Greg and Arja are working!

A little bird keeps whispering (tweeting for Gen Y) that the status quo needs reversing; but Greg knows better!

He needs to be tough to put up with breakdowns, wet weather and bloody farmers, but the cattle need it easy so as to stay tender.

Besides, he knows Arja would kick him out of bed if he started doing those methane farts!

After a hard days harvesting Greg and Arja love:

A pan-seared King Island sirloin with Frogshack’s garlic butter, a Camp Creek Garden’s warm potato salad washed down with home brewed beer!